09 Giugno 2023
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Forabuja 2020 Val di Buri

code: B364 - VAL DI BURI, White wine
Winery: Val di Buri

Viticulture: artisans made like they used to be!

Region: Tuscany

Grape varieties: 95% Trebbiano, 5% Malvasia Bianca Lunga from Chianti partially botrytized

Alcohol: 12,5% vol

Volume: 0,75l

Wine making: 10% of Malvasia is botrytized; whole bunch pressing and fermented in demijohns with frequent batonnage; elevation in demijohns for 7 months. 45% of Trebbiano is destemmed and mechanically pressed, 10% of this in whole bunches; spontaneous outdoor fermentation in fiberglass in contact with the skins for 10 days, with 2/3 pumping over and / or punching down per day; further 8 days of post-fermentation maceration; racking and manual pressing; elevation in demijohns and acacia barrel for 7 months. the remaining 50% of Trebbiano is spontaneously fermented outdoors in resin glass in contact with the skins for 19 days, with 2/3 pumping over and / or punching down per day; additional 10 days of post-fermentative maceration; filling and closing the tank and further contact with the skins for 7 months; racking and manual pressing; joining the masses and stopping for a month in steel before bottling.

Aging: in demijohn, fiberglass and steel

Serve at: 10-14 °C

Food matches: mixed cold cuts, semi-seasoned cheeses, mixed appetizers of fish both in white and with tomato.

About him: the splendid rather than artisanal interpretation of Trebbiano according to Giacomo and Marina!!! Only 302 bottles produced!!!
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