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14-06-2018 14:01 - Review
The heat advances and we offer you the solution to face it in the best possible way!
Here is a selection of our wines refermented in the bottle characterized by the subtle and natural bubbles and by that hint of yeast unique for this kind of products. In short, real grape juices impossible to stop to drink it!!!

PIGNOLETTO FRIZZANTE SUI LIEVITI Orsi Vigneto San Vito - naturally occurring turbid on yeast, which protects its longevity. Just the 12 months on the yeasts enhance an ancient flavor, giving clear and defined aromas of lemon peel, with a tactile, juicy, appetizing and long sip, with a balsamic finish

PET NAT Fattoria Sardi - obtained from a blend of Trebbiano and Moscato Bianco, offers fragrant hints of yellow plum, apple crumble, lime and lemon blossom. Fruity reliefs are confirmed by taste, where hints of almond are added; the bubbles tickle the palate leaving a savory taste trail, from the memory of yellow grapefruit.

LEVANTE 90 Podere Cipolla - impeccable and sumptuous interpretation of the Malvasia; a fine and direct wine in the hints of white flowers and vegetal notes, in the mouth it is rich in matter, enough, fresh, slim and with a savory length and depth

PINKY PUNK Yeasteria - rosé wine refermented in the bottle that reminds in some ways smells and flavors characteristic of certain beers; born for those looking for a corner in the shade on a fiery sunny day to refresh. Absolute innovation in the Italian wine scene brought forward by two fantastic young winemakers!

VESPAIO´ Il Moralizzatore - Vespaiola and Tai Bianco create this white wine naturally refermented in the bottle, son of that Venetian tradition that makes sparkling white wines an undisputed reference point for the regional table. Straw yellow with lively and persistent froth. The nose expresses fresh floral notes and fragrant fruity scents, offering an intense and pleasant olfactory bouquet. The tasting is smooth, concentrated and soft, corresponding to the nose and of good persistence

FRICCICARELLO Andrea Occhipinti - bizarre Aleatico sparkling rosé that is limpid, of a beautiful and consistent pink cherry. The texture is slightly sparkling. The wine is intense, quite complex and quite fine for the olfactory examination. Hints of winery, vinous smell, red fruit, apricot and grapefruit. In the mouth it is dry, quite warm and quite soft, fresh and also savory; light tannins, but present. Overall it is a fairly balanced wine, not very intense and persistent, but quite fine and ready.

PROSECCO COLLFONDO Fratelli Collavo - an expression of the tradition of the Valdobbiadene hills; this prosecco expresses a variety of sensations that are very wide and varied. The perfumes, thanks to the prolonged contact with the yeasts present at the bottom of the bottle, evolve during time: from the fresh and fruity notes of fine fermentation gradually progresses to increasingly complex breadcrumbs and peach pulp. The initially gentle and fruity flavors evolve with the months to a more complex and dry taste.

For all these products we suggest before consuming them, to move the bottle by gently overturning it a few times so you can mix the yeasts and be able to taste at best all its flavors

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