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Progetto SETE wines - The new labels!!!

04-11-2019 19:49 - Review
The SETE guys' adventure continues!!! And we could not refrain from presenting their new labels!!!
Wines obtained as always from the recovery and enhancement of old vineyards located in the fantastic valley that welcomes the Amaseno river. Here are the new grape juices naturally fermented with indigenous yeasts, without the use of chemicals, either in the vineyard, or in the cellar and without added sulphites.


Bia 2018 - Pure Ottonese, obtained from grapes from old vines (70 years!!!) or parts of them exposed in a perfect way to obtain a high level of ripeness. Breaking Orange wine! Spices, roots and aromatic herbs on the nose, all oregano. Fresh and very long in the mouth, simply complex and total! Wine in the style of grandparents, produced by grandchildren influenced by the post-modern era. AWESOME!!! 25,90 €
Maya 2018 - another Orange masterpiece of extreme drinkability and complexity! Pure Moscato Bianco from 40 years old vineyards for a long, savory and marine wine; flowers and spices with light smoky and resinous notes on the nose. Fresh and aromatic with a marked acidity but well balanced by the body of the wine. Impossible don't fall in love with it...! 19,90 €
Love 'n' Hate 2018 - again Moscato Bianco (we love that grape!), but no maceration, just a little bit of oxidation, sapid, aromatic and persistent. The side of volatile acidity is supported by his body. All the elements make the sip memorable as in the eternal struggle between good and evil, hate is knocked out by love. The label is a tribute to the 30 years of Spike Lee's cinematic masterpiece: "Do the right thing!" 15,90 €
D2° 2018 - it's a white wine 100% Malvasia Puntinata, vinified in a cave in collaboration with a group of friends! Duilio Secondo is the project by Stefano Sciullo and Irma Cipolletta, who live in Campagnano di Roma, precisely 30 kilometers north of the eternal city. Under the recently renovated 17th century house there is the hand-dug cellar in the tufa rock and it's here, that in collaboration with the friends of the SETE Project, this wine is born of which there are only (and unfortunately!) 597 bottles! Fresh, dry and peasant, some bottles have a bit of CO2 produced naturally from small sugar residues that make it even more fun. Simply good! 22,90 €

Wine Symphony - natural wineshop of small winemaker with a big heart!!!

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