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07-11-2020 11:08 - Review

In the Gruyère village of Berrie, in the heart of the Anjou (Loire), known for its troglodyte cellars that one might think are passages to the center of the Earth, a young winegrower rages and makes a lot, but a lot of noise... Ladies and gentlemen, with immense honor we present the wines of François Saint Lô!!! Its niche? Drinkability. And it must be said that on this point he is a master, so much his Grolleau at 8% vol has literally "shocked" everyone in the last few years. François Saint Lô works almost exclusively with plants (very very old), favoring work in the vineyard over management in the cellar, which is reduced to a minimum. Vinified in underground cellars, naturally sown with all types of yeast, the wines do without the addition of sulphites for perfect digestibility. Fresh and full of life, it almost seems that the grapes have been pressed in the morning to demonstrate that the fruit is the basis of everything! Notice to amateurs, for sure there won't be any for the whole year!

Hey Gamin !! 2018 - Gamay carbonic maceration in whole bunches and not destemmed for 10 days in old barrels; amazing intensity and acidity for this juicy and fruity wine. € 31.90
Hey Gro !! 2018 - Grolleau carbonic maceration in whole bunches and not destemmed for about 10 days in old wooden barrels; 8% vol, a wine that speaks of bright and ripe fruits, which increase in intensity on the palate when opened; the taste is a super mix of small red fruits with a bursting acidity and a delicate silky tannin. € 27.90
Les Palennes '17 - Cabernet Franc partly carbonic maceration in whole bunches not de-stemmed and another always in carbonic but with de-stemmed bunches; wine of great depth; the fruit of the sour cherry, the bitter dark chocolate and the characteristic herbaceous bearing of the varietal go together perfectly! € 36.90
Les Pouches '17 - Chenin Blanc a third of the harvest macerated in whole bunches for about 2 weeks, while the rest was pressed directly; super consistency, incredible fruit, almost tropical but with a lot of minerality; first vintage produced...if the good morning starts in the morning...! € 39.90

Wine Symphony wine shop of natural wines from small vigneron with a big heart!!!

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