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KARNAGE by Charles Dagand and Stéphane Planche

05-02-2022 13:46 - Review
Charles Dagand and Stéphane Planche

Here is the super couple of Jurassic friendship formed by the now wandering drugo Charles Dagand (Domaine Carlito) and the super cellarman Stéphane Planche, owner of the famous Les Jardins de St. Vincent wine shop in Arbois.
Much of the impetus for the Karnage project seems to come from Charles due to some terrible years in which he lost all of his grapes to disease and frost.
With grapes from all over the Jura region and as far as Limoux in the Languedoc there are no limits to what can result from this wonderful collaboration. The results are children of the elements of experience that each brought to the project, as well as a combined distinctive style that shines through: pure and vibrant wines that are just a little wild, all with infinite character whose results are extremely exciting!

Plouk Blanc 2020 - Poulsard from Pupillin (Jura) directly pressed; € 39.90
Plouk Rouge 2020 - Polsard from Pupillin (Jura); € 39.90
Chark 2020 - Chardonnay from Pupillin (Jura) directly pressed; € 33.90
Kassette A 2020 - Alicante Bouschet and Merlot from Languedoc; € 36.90
Kroseille 2020 - Grenache Noir from the vineyards of Gerald Oustric in southern Ardèche; € 36.90
Kari 2020 - Carignan from the Languedoc; € 36.90

Wine Symphony wine shop of natural wines by small winemakers with a big heart.

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