Cantina Furlani - Pet Nat summer feeling!!!

24-05-2020 14:55 -

Cantina Furlani
Pet Nat summer feeling!!!

The best remedy for the summer heat! Here is the new vintage of all the pet nat by Cantina Furlani, effervescent and super refreshing grape juices!!!


Sur Lie Alpino - € 13.90; White Lagarino, Green Erbara and Nosiola for the most refreshing pet nat in the world!
Sur Lie Alpino Macerato Aromatico - € 13.90; Muller Thurgau and Gewurztraminer briefly macerated for a delicate aromaticity
Sur Lie Alpino Macerato - € 14.90; short maceration 100% Pinot Grigio for a devastating super minerality!
Sur Lie Alpino Rosato - € 14.90; 100% Pinot Noir for a mix of small crunchy red fruits!
Sur Lie Alpino Antico - € 14.90; 100% Nosiola from vineyards over 30 years old one of the most characteristic and historic Pet Nat of this splendid winery!
Joannizza - € 14.90; 6 days maceration for the very rare Joannita variety of Teutonic origins (cross between Riesling, Seyve-Villard, Rulander and Gutedel)...super cool!!!