Partida Creus wines

04-07-2020 14:29 -


Antonella and Massimo's wines available again!!! From the recovery and enhancement of the various Catalan indigenous vines, some of which even risked disappearing, here you are...

SP Subirat Parent '18 - ancient vine similar to Malvasia; Super enthralling mix of tropical fruits, then sweet citrus and lots of lemon; fresh and very mineral! Punk wine!!! 24,90 €
CX Cartoixa Vermell '18 - better known as Xarello Rodaso; breath of freshness, delicately fruity and herbaceous...a more unique than rare wine!!! 24,90 €
TN Tinto Natural '18 - territorial megablend of Tempranillo, Sumoll, Bobal...hurricane small red fruits mix!!! 17,90 €

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