Ji Jian '19 Menat

24-08-2020 09:47 -

JI JIAN 2019

From vineyards over fifty years old, here is the rosé wine that perfectly embodies the style of the company focused on the exaltation of the fruity and floral sensations of the Calabrian autochthonous vine par excellence, the Gaglioppo, but always with the elegance, delicacy and balance given by aging in amphora.
Mineral, citrusy, savory and with an excellent drink!
Draining of the must partly from destemmed grapes and partly from whole bunches with subsequent soft pressing to fill the amphorae, spontaneous fermentation, no clarification, filtration or addition of sulphites. Aging in underground Georgian amphorae for 9 lunar cycles.
Cit. back label: "child of the flower of grape juice, of citrus in the sun, of light, of prache and of a constant vital vibration".
So2 tot <10 mg / l; about 2000 bottles produced.

Ji Jian '19 - 24,90€

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