GREKO 2019 by Menat

17-10-2020 11:43 -

GREKO 2019

Super interpretation in orange shades! From vineyards over fifty years old, Greco, Trebbiano and also other native white grapes macerated on the skins for 9 lunar cycles, then pressed again and left to age again in Georgian underground amphorae (Kvevri).
Gold in the glass, delicately sapid, a few minutes and releases exotic sensations in the Indian bazaar style, with notes of herbs, flowers and spices. Bewitching!
So2 tot <10 mg / l; 600 bottles produced.
Cit. back label: "son of a time not titan and devourer of processes, but of the liturgical kairos, of the formative tension of his own sidereal time"

Greko 2019 - € 24.90

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