FOOL IN PAJAMAS by Manuel Pulcini

05-12-2020 13:59 -

Manuel Pulcini

Megablend of red grape varieties from old vineyards scattered over the hills of the Lucca and Pisan countryside.
Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Syrah, Aleatico, Cabernet, Colorino and other red berried grapes; spontaneous fermentation in tubs and then aging partly in old French oak barrels and partly in steel; no clarification or filtration.
Wine of extreme freshness and with the structure that only our splendid Tuscan terroir can give! Red fruits, spices, herbaceous notes, enveloping and with a long and never cloying finish. Authenticity and territoriality!!!
Exclusively on our website, Fool in Pajamas box 1, six different labels for a great wine!

Vino Rosso 2019 - 14,90€

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