07-12-2020 16:56 -

First release vintage 2019

We finally embrace again the wines of Ennio and Mena! Wines that know how to excite and communicate the ethics and personality of those who produce them! Exceptional portraits of a splendid terroir always suited to the production of great wines!!!
Here is the first release of the 2019 vintage

Mephisto '19 - megaterritorial blend with all the colors of Ennio and Mena grapes vinified and aged together! Super acidity and minerality, delicately citrusy and above all with an irrepressible, very juicy and very funny drink!
Mesmerizing like the little friend portrayed in the splendid label. € 13.90
Pink Freud '19 - Aglianico in rosé dress with only 11% vol...oh my!!! € 13.90
Shiro '19 - back to Trebbiano for this vintage; simply good! € 13.90
Supersannios '19 - surprising aromaticity of a Cabernet Sauvignon from Campania! Super mix of red fruits and spices, lean and goes down like a treat! € 15.90
V for Vottorio '19 - Trebbiano and Fiano on relax on the skins for eight days; minerality, freshness and lots of drinkability for one of the most interesting orange wines ever! € 17.90

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