UN GIORNO CAPIRAI 2020 Riccardo Danielli

24-04-2021 10:04 -

Riccardo Danielli

Perfect match of terroir and craftsmanship!
A little less than a week of maceration; Mostly Sangiovese but also Aleatico, Ciliegiolo and other red grape varieties from vineyards of mixed age between 15 and 40 years.
Delicate fruity aroma; at the sip ripe red fruits supported by a great freshness. Relaxing!!!

From the vigneron "then rainy days happened when work in the fields could not be done, grandfather's attentions were all for the wine in the demijohns. So they found us playing in the cellar between his feet while made decanting or bottling. One of the most frequent games was to try our hand at building unsinkable ships with nutshells. With the wax of a candle we fixed the mainmast to the shell and a leaf or a newspaper clipping for the sail. As soon as it rained we ran into the puddles or streams that had formed to try our creations. In that cellar there was absolutely nothing, just those walnut shells from grandfather Rico's breakfast, but maybe there was everything".

Un Giorno Capirai 2020 - 19,90€

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