VIZIORAMINGO 2020 Manuel Pulcini

06-11-2021 10:48 -

Manuel Pulcini

Our favorite vice! One of the flagship labels of the Pulcini house, with the name that most reflects the natural philosophy from which it draws inspiration. Its element is the earth which defines its characteristics, while the wine, a human vice, is produced from grapes coming from different areas and planted on different types of soil; with patience the farmer, wandering, must go to the various plots to be able to work them in order to create this noble drink.
And the ramingo Manuel thus creates a mega blend among which we find Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Syrah and other varieties of ancient red berried grapes, some macerated in semi-carbonic others not, while the agement continues between old barriques and steel.
Red fruit made from blackberries and cherries, licorice and spices; it evolves in a perfect balance between flavor, acidity and delicate tannin.
Let's go with barbecue...!

Vizioramingo 2020 - 22,90€

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