VITI VINI VINCI Nicolas Vauthier

07-12-2020 16:46 -

Nicolas Vauthier

Surely you have already heard of Nicolas Vauthier's wines, or at least you have come across one of his super chic labels! Viti Vini Vinci is a "haute couture" (and naturally organic...) winery based in Avallon in Burgundy. Nicolas vinifies carefully selected grapes, without any use of synthetic or junk products of that kind.
We are super fascinated by Nicolas Vauthier's wines, both red and white, because they always offer pure and very fresh profiles. Tasty and straightforward for a super natural and modern reinterpretation of beautiful Burgundy!!!

Aligoté '18 - it's not a "easy white" as one might think! Here Nicolas Vauthier signs a very sensual, fresh, crystalline Aligoté that we could drink by the bucket!!! € 21.90
Chanvan Blanc '18 - a super Chardonnay with unique finesse and elegance! € 25.90
Epineuil Vals Noirs '18 - Pinot Noir with semi-carbonic maceration; elegance, elegance and even more elegance! Wine with a super charming floral side and irrepressible drinkability! € 25.90
Pinot Gris '19 - you won't believe your taste buds! € 22.90
Sauvignon '18 - fresh and lean is a real treat! Lots of sapidity and minerality, in short, it's fantastic, you will have understood it well...! € 27.90

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