27 Ottobre 2020


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BIANCHETTO 2019 Lammidia

Trebbiano with short maceration on the skins; freshness, sapidity, delicately fruity, 10% vol...super drinkable!
As long as there is Bianchetto there is hope!!!

Wine Symphony wine shop of natural wines from small vigneron with a big heart!!!
GREKO 2019 by Menat
GREKO 2019

Super interpretation in orange shades! From vineyards over fifty years old, Greco, Trebbiano and also other native white grapes macerated on the skins for 9 lunar cycles, then pressed again and left to age again in Georgian underground amphorae (Kvevri).
Gold in the glass, delicatel...
STRAJE ROSSO by Crocizia

Pet Nat passion! Rustic, super lively and with all the naturalness of his terroir!!!
It comes from the vinification of the grapes of the smallest and most scattered Crocizia vineyards in the Apennines. Small plots for family use previously cared for by elderly people and which ...
MISCELA by Lammidia

The secret and constantly evolving recipe that can also contain over 10 white and red vines by Davide and Marco!
A super blend based on small red fruits, fresh and thirst-quenching! 10.5% vol of irrepressible drinkability!!!
Created using a mix of part of each wine produced during th...
SETE project - the new cuvée of 2019
SETE Project
the new cuvée of 2019

Only seven years have passed since the start of the project, with ideas that were immediately well traced and which now even more than ever have become reality and a point of reference for appreciating the splendid territoriality that the Amaseno river valley, wit...
Lammidia - the new cuvée of 2019
New cuvée of 2019

The new interpretations of Lammidia's inimitable friends!
Fruits, flowers, liveliness, drinkability and above all a lot of happiness!!!

Sciatto(L) - a night of relax on the skins for Chardonnay according to Marco and Davide; € 22.90
Horus - a night of relax on the skins for Sa...
Domaine L'Octavin wines by Alice Bouvot
by Alice Bouvot

A great lady of natural wines! Originally from the Jura, Alice Bouvot founded her company (L'Octavin) there in 2005. The choice to grow organic and then biodynamic was made very quickly and the company obtained the Demeter certification in 2010. Passionate of musi...
NFRASCATO 2018 by Sete

Electric Orange shock!!! Vibrant and very lively blend of Ottonese and Moscato both on relax for a few days on the skins.
Uncontainable drinkability, spectacular aroma of the Moscato slightly tamed by Ottonese in a triumph of tropical fruits, acidity and sapidity.
Always at the to...
BLANCO 2019 Kindeli by Alex Craighead

Exciting blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay from three different vineyards of Alex Craighead's beautiful estate in New Zealand.
5% of the mass undergoes carbonic maceration, 15% short classical maceration on the skins and the balance of direct soft pressing.
Maceration and ag...
KAOS 5.0 2018 Etnella
KAOS 5.0 2018

Sicily always gives great emotions and is no exception with this splendid orange wine by the legendary Davide Bentivenga!
Megablend of pure and genuine territoriality; Carricante, Catarratto, Malvasia Bianca, Minnella, Grecanico, Inzolia from vines ranging from 40 to 70 years o...
BRUTAL 2019 Alchimia by Matteo Caggiagrano

Montepulcianesca bomb!!! Grapes full of substance for this Brutal which despite the high alcohol content manages to maintain a super drinking level, thanks also to the maceration in part of the whole bunch which gives freshness and liveliness; super mix of red fruits and flower...
Alchimia wines by Matteo Cacciagrano
by Matteo Cacciagrano

Only for Abruzzo lovers! A fantastic region with immense wine-growing potential and from which new and increasingly interesting realities emerge. And it's just like that for Alchimia, the dream of Matteo Cacciagrano who, after various vinnaturalist experiences, throw...
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