30 Marzo 2020


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Rosè Refosco 2010 by Denis Montanar

25-03-2020 17:03 - Review
Rosè di Refosco '10
by Denis Montanar

Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso; spontaneous fermentation in Hungarian oak vat where aging continues for about a year, then in bottle for a long time.
A rosé full of life, always evolving with balanced fruity and mineral aromas. Irreverent and wild, on the palate t...

Salmonido '17 Barranco Oscuro

25-03-2020 16:48 - Review
Salmonido '17
Barranco Oscuro

Pinot Noir coming from vineyards located at 1280-1370 meters on the Sierra Nevada.
Spontaneous fermentation in steel tanks with 1 day maceration then 10 months aging in old French oak barrels; not clarified, unfiltered and without addition of sulfites!!!
Delicate perfum...

Barranco Oscuro wines by Manuel Valenzuela

25-03-2020 16:31 - Review
Barranco Oscuro
by Manuel Valenzuela

Manuel Valenzuela, one of the pioneers in Spain of the production of natural wines!
12 hectares of vines immersed in the mountains of La Controviesa, in the Sierra Nevada, at an impressive altitude: they are located at 1368 meters above sea level!! The cultivatio...

Love 'n' Hate by Progetto SETE

14-03-2020 12:11 - Review
Love 'n' Hate

Moscato passion!!! Slightly oxidated, sapid, aromatic and persistent...TOP!!!
Memorable drink as in the eternal struggle between good and evil, hate is knocked out of love. The label is a tribute to 30 years of Spike Lee's film masterpiece: "Do the right thing!"

Sur Lie Alpino Macerato Aromatico by Cantina Furlani

14-03-2020 12:06 - Review
Sur Lie Alpino Macerato Aromatico
by Cantina Furlani

Muller Thurgau + Traminer, short maceration on the skins and then refermentation in bottle!
Ripe fruits, alpine herbs, great freshness and minerality!!! Get out bad thoughts at first sip!!!

Wine Symphony nat...

Cantina Furlani wines - Pet Nat passion!!!

14-03-2020 11:58 - Review
Cantina Furlani

A breath of happiness and light-heartedness!!! These are Matteo's wines and that's exactly what it need during these days!!!
Pet Nat super refreshing for the palate and the mind!!!

Sur Lie Alpino Rosé - Pinot Noir to munch on!!! 14,90€
Sur Lie Alpino - Lagarino Bianco+Verde Erb...

La Llopetera '17 Escoda Sanahuja

07-03-2020 12:49 - Review
La Llopetera '17
by Escoda Sanahuja

From Catalonia unique Pinot Noir never tried before...pure perfumes of flowers, unripe red fruits and sweet spices; very smooth on the palate, with delicate tannins and a juicy acidity...wine to lose your head!!!
Available the new vintage just on our website!!!

Escoda Sanahuja wines

07-03-2020 12:25 - Review
Escoda Sanahuja

We are in Catalonia, and it is here that Joan after spending years working in a large local winery and traveling in the vineyards of France, decides to put his experiences into action. It was '99 when he started producing wine in his wife's village, Conca de Barberà, near Montblanc...

Grillo Verde '17 by Badalucco Dos Tierras

07-03-2020 12:10 - Review
Grillo Verde '17
by Badalucco Dos Tierras

Fusion blend of Grillo and Verdejo on relax on the skins for 10 days and then aged for about a year in cherry barrique.
Wine kissed by the sea with all the perfumes of fruits and vegetation typical of Sicily. On the palate the oxidative note is felt, althoug...

Christophe Lindenlaub wines

01-03-2020 18:21 - Review
Christophe Lindenlaub

Historical Domaine with a long history that began more than two centuries ago in the heart of Alsace. Today the works are led by Christophe, progenitor of the conversion into organic agriculture of the 10 hectares spread over the Dorlisheim and Mutzig hills. The goal is to cr...

Kilometro 0 "El Origen" '16 MicroBio Wines

22-02-2020 11:33 - Review
Kilometro 0 "El origen" '16
MicroBio Wines

100 % Verdejo, spontaneous carbonic fermentation (whole bunch) with maceration on the skins for 2 months in terracotta amphorae, then the grapes are pressed and the juice transferred to the barrique where it rests for about 12 months followed by another 10...

Wines MicroBio Wines by Gozalo Ismael

22-02-2020 11:19 - Review
MicroBio Wines
by Ismael Gozalo

Here we are in Nieva, a small town in the province of Segovia, in the Rueda region. Here Ismael Gozalo farmer to the fifth generation of winemakers, takes care of the old vineyards of Verdejo and produces since the beginning of his adventure wines considered among th...
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