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Chardonnay 2018 Lucy Margaux by Anton Von Klopper

Lucy Margaux

Vinified with direct pressing in whole bunches and then left to ferment in old 500-liter barrels where it then follows the aging for a few months.
Great acidity, light citrus notes with a lot of minerality and hints of the sea. Simplicity and great drinkability!

Wine Symp...

Kindeli wines by Alex Craighead

by Alex Craighead

Here we landed (imaginatively...) in Nelson, a small town at the northern end of New Zealand's South Island. Nearby, exactly in the Upper Moutere, Alex Craighead is the mind and the hand, as well as the winemaker and owner of the Kindeli project. Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling,...

Bure Chiara 2018 Val di Buri

Val di Buri

Craftsmanship as we like it! Canaiolo and Sangiovese briefly macerated and aged in demijohn for a splendid drink based on small red fruits and only 10.5% vol. Super nice!!!
The new vintage is available on our website

Wine Symphony natural wine sho...

Val di Buri wines - vintage 2019

Vintage 2019

The adventure of Giacomo and Marina continues! From the recovery of small parcels in that of Val di Buri on the hills of Pistoia and the management of others located in Cestelnuovo Berardenga, here is the new year of their fantastic wines, born from the dream of producing n...

Besiosa 2019 by Crocizia


Aromatic Malvasia di Candia macerated for 10 days and refermented in bottle.
Super mix of citrus and aromatic herbs! A fun for the palate caressed by a light astringency and very delicate thirst-quenching bubbles. Always one of the most fascinating pet nat of its genre!!!


Crocizia wines - vintage 2019

Vintage 2019

A hymn to the Pet Nat! The portrait of the territory and its traditions according to Marco Rizzardi.
Here are the new vintages of the historic native pets of the Crocizia house, plus new reinterpretations and creations always joyfully sparkling!!!

Besiosa - super mix of citrus a...

Ambrato 2018 Podere Orto

Podere Orto

Super territorial mega blend! Nine grapes with a majority of Moscato Bianco and Procanico. From the first one here is a super breath of freshness and splendid aromatic notes of flowers and fruits, while from the second one more free-flowing notes of herbs and minerals. The ...

Cocò Lammidia


The last arrived at Lammidia house!!! 100% Cococciola, an ancient native Umbrian grape, for a wine with super acidity and a thousand citrus sensations!!!

Wine Symphony natural wine shop of wines made by small vignerons with a big heart!!!

Lammidia wines - Rosso Carbo '19 Cocò '19


Latest arrivals of Lammidia's Abruzzo friends! Here is the unmissable Rosso Carbo and the new born Cocò!!!

Rosso Carbo '19 - Montepulciano; two-week carbonic maceration to strip all its (pre)power, extraction and intensity in favor of a graceful, floral, joyful wine having managed to bring...

Quinto Quarto Bianco '18 Franco Terpin

Franco Terpin

Malvasia and Pinot Blanc briefly macerated; intensely fruity and floral, fresh and tasty! There is just everything that is expected of such a wine!!! Super Franco!!!
The new vintage is available!!!

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Franco Terpin wines


The great interpretations of the home territory of the legendary Franco Terpin! The reserves and all the labels of the new 2019 vintage of the Quinto Quarto!!!

Jakot 2013 - Tocai Friulano; about 2 weeks of maceration; long aging in Slavonian oak barrels and bottle; 27,90 €;

TN Tinto Natural '18 Partida Creus

TN Tinto Natural '18
Partida Creus

Territorial megablend of Tempranillo, Sumoll, Bobal for an explosion of joy, which invites you to share the happiness that releases this wine!
Wonderful mix of small red berries, then wildflowers and cut grass, super freshness and juiciness on the palate, very plea...
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