22 Agosto 2019



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CRICK!!! 100% just grape by Lammidia

03-08-2019 10:03 - Review

Everytime is a good time to drink Lammidia wines!!!
Pet Nat rosé with a low alcohol content and great drinkability; a fruit juice amazingly rosé and fantastically good!!!
Lammidia...100% just grape!!!

Wai Pinot Nero Tenuta Belvedere wine

28-07-2019 12:18 - Review
Crunchy crispy Pet Nat!!!
Redcurrant, blueberry and wild strawberry salad! Iintense, with a beautiful fragrance and freshness; something more than a simple Pet Nat!!!

Wine of the week - 'Nfrascato '18 SETE

20-07-2019 11:10 - Review

Ottonese on relax on the skins for two days + Moscato on relax on the skins for a week = a splendid blend of minerality and aromaticity!!!
SETE's wines just on our natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

Cantina Furlani - Pet Nat revolution!!!

13-07-2019 10:48 - Review
Here is the splendid line-up of the small artisan winery run by Matteo Furlani!
Six hectares of vineyards cultivated with native vines such as Nosiola, but also with international as Pinot Noir. Located on calcareous soils and cultivated according to the principles of biodynamics, gives Pet Nat Su...

Lovely from Gradoli...La Villana Joy Kull!!!

06-07-2019 11:02 - Review
Here is La Villana Joy Kull!!!

The project was born in 2016, three years after Joy Kull leaves her job in New York and comes to Italy to learn about vineyard agriculture. Settled on the hills of Gradoli, on Lake Bolsena, where the land, rich in volcanic minerals and Etruscan history, calls it to s...

T'ara ra'!!! Cantina Giardino

06-07-2019 10:53 - Review
T'ara ra'!!!
by Cantina Giardino

Pay attention please, because today we are going to speak of T'ara ra' wine, a macerated white already defined as Orange Wine. A complex and wide Greco, which conquers for the intriguing amplitude of the expressive range and for a very unusual depth and gustatory p...

Summer thrill...Crocizia's Besiosa!!!

15-06-2019 09:35 - Review
First summer thrill!!!

Here is the new vintage of the Besiosa by Crocizia!!!
As a wine of the week we present this Pet Nat, a splendid interpretation of the aromatic Malvasia di Candia that with the 10-day maceration acquires aromas and flavors typical of this kind of vine, but more defined and con...

Wine of the week - Orange Wine Catartico 2016 Longarico...BOOM!!!

25-05-2019 11:35 - Review
CATARTICO 2016 Longarico

It will have been the nostalgia of Sun and heat, but in these weeks Longarico's Orange Wine has been the master of it!!
Here is the splendid version of the Catarratto macerated 3 days on the skins and aged in chestnut barrels.
Intense gold in the glass mineral scents that in...


25-05-2019 11:18 - Review

Enjoy the summer with Wine Symphony!!
The splendid jewels of Battista Belvisi back on our website directly from the island of Pantelleria!!!
Three and a half hectares located in Khamma in the southeastern part of the island, with vineyards located at about 300 meters on the level...

ALEA VIVA - The Aleatico by Andrea Occhipinti

04-05-2019 10:35 - Review
ALEA VIVA - Andrea Occhipinti
A seductive wine in all its characteristics! From ruby red color to the explosion of refined perfumes up to a fresh, juicy, spicy and sapid mouth is a succession of delightful exclamations!!!
The tannin is central and well measured, as well as having a long persistence...


04-05-2019 10:20 - Review
Born on the Gargano area, on the municipality of Apricena where limestone marks people's lives. We are in the first extraction center of southern Italy and the Apricena stone (consisting of 96% calcium carbonate) even embellishes some decorations of the palace of Caserta. On this terroir at 150 m...
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