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Kilometro 0 "El Origen" '16 MicroBio Wines

22-02-2020 11:33 - Review
Kilometro 0 "El origen" '16
MicroBio Wines

100 % Verdejo, spontaneous carbonic fermentation (whole bunch) with maceration on the skins for 2 months in terracotta amphorae, then the grapes are pressed and the juice transferred to the barrique where it rests for about 12 months followed by another 10...

Erre 2015 Canlibero

15-02-2020 12:19 - Review
Erre '15

AMAZING Aglianico by Ennio and Mena, produced only in the best vintages using grapes from the oldest vineyards of the company (over 50 years).
Spontaneous fermentation with maceration for about a month and then long aging between steel, chestnut barrels and bottle.
Delicate aromas ...

Wines Es d'Aqui by Jean Luis Pinto

08-02-2020 16:49 - Review
Es d'Aqui
by Jean Louis Pinto

Young and talented winemaker from the South West of France, where he has his very small cellar in the town of Moulin Neuf. Like many young and wine-enthusiasts, they make their bones in various small and large cellars and with approaches to agriculture of various kinds...

Refosco Scodovacca '13 by Denis Montanar

08-02-2020 16:28 - Review
Refosco Scodovacca '13
by Denis Montanar

One of the most tied to the territory wines produced by the legendary Denis!
Obtained from one of Friuli's most prized autochthonous red grape variety, Refosco dal Peduncolo rosso, macerated for 35 days in open wooden vats and then aged for 36 months in oak ...

Wines Bodegas Cueva by Mariano Taberner

08-02-2020 10:45 - Review
by Mariano Taberner

We are in the Valencian community, inside the splendid village of La Portera, precisely in Utiel Requena, a country where we find the small and fascinating reality of Bodegas Cueva.
Surrounded by centuries-old vines and with the aim of obtaining natural wines with ...

Sebastien Riffault Sancerre wines

02-02-2020 14:13 - Review
Sebastien Riffault
Sancerre Sauvignon passion

Here we are in Sury-en-Vaux in the Sancerre area, in the Loire region. Here Sébastien deals with a vineyard of 4 hectares, where the whole working cycle takes place in a natural way: the plowing of the soil is carried out with a mare, thus allowing bet...

Due Parole 2017 SETE

27-01-2020 19:00 - Review
Due Parole '17

100% Ottonese for 100 years of history!!! 30 days of relax on the skins for these grapes from a small centenary vineyard on free foot, planted in 1919 in Contrada San Martino in Priverno. On the occasion of the 100 years of the vineyard (1919-2019), 100 bottles of the 187 pro...

Macchia Lupaia 2018 Macchion dei Lupi

27-01-2020 18:56 - Review
Macchia Lupaia '18
Macchion dei Lupi

Trebbiano from the coast of our beloved Tuscany clearly felt with a super sapidity!
Two days of relax on the skins and then a few months of well-deserved relax, part in an amphora and another in cement.
Great debut for this first vintage!!!

MAS COUTELOU WINES - Jean Francois Coutelou

25-01-2020 12:16 - Review

Ten hectares, all cultivated in the most natural way possible in Puimisson, this is the microcosm of Jean François Coutelou. Since 1987 organic...very far from fashion considerations or trends! In fact we are talking about real peasant agriculture confirming that...

Vino Rosso '18 Lucy Margaux - Anton Von Klopper

25-01-2020 09:37 - Review
Vino Rosso '18
by Lucy Margaux Anton Von Klopper

Megablend of Merlot, Sangiovese, Pinot Gris and Gamay for a juice of pure joy!
Super fresh, fantastic acidity that invites to drink again, and with aromas and taste of multifruits...extremely pleasant!!!

Wine Symphony natural wi...


19-01-2020 10:43 - Review

The project was created in 2015 on the initiative of Christophe Albero, who has since disappeared. Some time after this tragic event, Jessica, his wife, decided to continue the adventure. The idea is simple: like small independent music labels, which defend and distribute artists "like n...

Bianco Dritto 2018 Cantina Ortaccio

06-01-2020 10:48 - Review
Bianco Dritto '18
by Cantina Ortaccio

The gem of this cellar!
Long maceration on the skins, partly even for six months for this Procanico from the splendid Tuscia.
Aged in used chestnut and oak barriques, it's mineral and direct just like its name! A spectacular Orange Wine full of territoriality a...
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