24 Giugno 2024
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Couleurs Réunies 2019 Jean Francois Coutelou

Winery: Jean Francois Coutelou

Viticulture: natural! Made as it once was!

Region: France - Languedoc (Gironde)

Grape variety: full of vines of all colors!!!

Alcohol: 15% vol

Volume: 0,75l

Wine making: spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts; no clarification, filtration or addition of sulphites

Serve at: 16-18° C; we recommend opening and decanting the wine at least 30 minutes before starting to drink it

Food matches: stewed and roasted meats; game on the spit.

About him: the second vintage of this new cuvèe where Jeff has gathered all the grapes of all colors present in his vineyards, gives us a completely different wine from the previous one, demonstrating that the territory always leaves its signature and faithfully tells the 'vintage. The '19 is a very complex wine, very full-bodied and to be enjoyed with "important" meat dishes. It takes some time to open, but then splendid hints of ripe red fruits, undergrowth, spices and licorice emerge; the tannin is silky and enveloping and thanks to the acidity it still remains a wine with an excellent drinkability. Super Jeff!
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