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27-01-2018 19:23 - Review
Deserved deepening on the producers who rightly decided to focus strongly on the recovery and enhancement of our fantastic native vines, which make a bottle of wine unique and precious because thanks to these, preserves the history of the place where it is produced.

And here is Fondo San Giuseppe, a creature of the talented Stefano Bariani who after years spent behind the scenes in important wineries has decided to take the field and create something of his own that reflects his lifestyle and its principles. In love with a small farm in Brisighella and thanks to his skills and the help of his wife Maria Grazia, he managed to create a beautiful company, at the center of which is the naturalness of the production processes. In a pristine place, in the middle of a wood, we find the farm that Stefano has chosen, ideal for giving life to the wines he had planned to do. Here there are beautiful vineyards, some 40 years old, resting on limy and calcareous soils where it´s practiced a viticulture very careful to protect the surrounding environment.
Among the various vines grown we find the Albana, a white grape of substance, tannic, which sometimes reminds a light red. We offer you a more unique and rare wine, the Fiorile 2011 edition that does not undergo maceration on the skins, but it is still revealed antique gold in the glass.
The aromas are a heterogeneous mix, an alternation of grapefruit notes, broom and dried fruit, surrounded by a very delicate aura of millefiori. The sip is played a lot on acidity but the body of the grape is felt and reduces its pungency. Rustic and juicy, with that typical note toasted and almond almond that is not lacking in this glass. Immediately the penetrating acidity makes its way to then leave the step to a warmer nutty feeling. We suggest to decant the wine 15 minutes before tasting it.

Not far from Suvereto, on the top of the hill in the locality of Campo del Drago, we find the small company Macchion dei Lupi of the winemaker Carlo Parenti. From the beginning, the biological management was adopted, which then became biodynamic. Plants of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are placed on clayey soils with a good presence of galestro, while other two lands have been rented where Sangiovese and Ansonica have been planted, which is its lowest vineyard, near the river Cornia, on sandy soils. And it´s precisely the latter that we would like to talk to you: it´s the oldest native Sicilian grape and has also spread to other Italian regions and in particular in Sardinia, Lazio and southern Tuscany; it´s very resistant even in rather dry climates; the bunch is conical with two bunches on the sides and the berry is ovoidal with a marked yellow color.
The Odyssea is the fantastic interpretation of the Ansonica of this super producer! The vinification is done leaving part of the mass in contact with the skins for five days and the refinement is in steel tanks and in acacia tonneau. It´s complex on the nose, with a rare structure, wide, juicy and long with citrus, hay and field herbs in evidence.

The legendary Andrea Occhipinti could not be missing for any reason in the world. He exclusively developed his activity on the recovery and valorisation of Aleatico and Grechetto. The company is located on the western shore of Lake Bolsena, with vineyards in excellent exposure and on volcanic soils. In the cellar, in addition to steel, cement tanks are used both for fermentation and for refining and assembly. In addition, Andrea are also using small terracotta amphorae. All naturally conducted in organic!
A name that concretely makes the idea of ​​what it´s like to drink this wine, that is the Fremito (100% Grechetto bianco). Vinified with a short maceration on the skins for 3 days, it then undergoes an aging in steel and cement barrels; striking for its wonderful amber color, warm, almost golden. At the taste an evident minerality makes us immediately feel the volcano and the whole territory, in that sense that we like so much and that wants to underline the deep bonds, the intrinsic relationships between a geographical area and its products.
The Alea Viva (100% Aleatico rosso) is the company´s flagship wine; seducing already from the bright ruby ​​red color, it has an explosion of seductive and refined perfumes: tamarind orange and immediately after fragrances of apricot, black cherry and strawberry. To enchant there are also china, oriental spices, roses, on a background with a mineral character. The mouth is fresh, juicy, spicy, sapid, perfectly matching the nose. The tannin, never intrusive, is central and measured, and long persistence. Truly a super wine!!!

We now pass on to you the arduous task of judging these "paladins" and their job, but we are sure they will not disappoint you!!!

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