16 Aprile 2024
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Rosso dei Sesi 2021 Abbazia San Giorgio

Winery: Abbazia San Giorgio

Viticulture: Organic and biodynamic

Region: Sicily - Pantelleria island

Grape variety: 100% Pignatello (or Perricone)

Alcohol: 12% vol

Volume: 0,75l

Wine making: spontaneous fermentation by indigenous yeasts present in the skins. The maceration-fermentation lasts for more than 12 days. Decanting takes place naturally. No filtration is done.

Aging: it takes place partly in steel silos and partly in chestnut barrels. In both cases the wine stops for about 6 months, after which it´s bottled.

Serve at: 14/16 °C

Food matches: the Rosso dei Sesi is a wine for every meal, it goes well with Italian aperitifs or with fatty or stewed fish. It´s enhanced by combining it with dishes based on red meat, stewed and boiled in particular

About him: the reinterpretation of Pignatello (better known as Perricone) a native of Western Sicily, according to the good Battista Belvisi. Unlike the last vintage produced and dated 2017, 2021 is lightened both in body and in the fullness of flavors and acquires a lot of freshness and drinkability. This was conceived by carrying out only a light pruning of the vines and harvesting the grapes earlier than in the past in order to obtain a super vibrant and refreshing juice. Red fruits, cinchona, licorice, delicate tannins, then again herbs and a good dose of sapidity all accompanied by a splendid acidity. Very very good!!!
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