09 Maggio 2021
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20-09-2018 22:32 - Review
Too late to stop them...and too good for not having them!!! We present the new wave of super natural wines from Wine Symphony!!!

CINCIALLEGRA IL ROCCOLO - An "Orange Pet Nat" obtained from long macerated grapes of Garganega and Trebbiano; a wine capable of warming the hearts even in the coldest times of the year!

MONTICELLI BIANCO IL ROCCOLO - Always Garganega and Trebbiano left to macerate for a long time on the skins for a revised interpretation in a modern style of one of the most classic wines of the Venetian tradition!

BIANCOPERSO IL VINCO - Spectacular blend of native vines reared on the vineyards located at the edge of Lake Bolsena; light maceration to give even more a territorial imprint to this wine!

CANAJO´ IL VINCO - The masterly interpretation of the Vinco of this splendid autochthonous vine, Canaiolo!

ROSSO DELLE MACCHIE IL VINCO - From the oldest vineyards and with longer aging, the top of the Canaiolo made in Vinco!

ROSSO DEI SESI ABBAZIA SAN GIORGIO - The Perricone "vision" of Battista Belvisi...TOP!!!

ORANGE ABBAZIA SAN GIORGIO - The island of Pantelleria with all its flavors and aromas in a glass!

LUSTRO ABBAZIA SAN GIORGIO - The Catarratto of Battista Belvisi macerated on the skins...splendid shining!!!

G-RAY ANDREA MARCHETTI - All the freshness and drinkability that you can ask for an Orange Wine!!!

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