21 Giugno 2024
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Vizioramingo 2020 Manuel Pulcini

code: B234 - MANUEL PULCINI, Red Wine
Winery: Azienda Agricola Manuel Pulcini

Viticulture: artisans made like they used to be!

Region: Tuscany

Grape varieties: mainly Sangiovese, then canaiolo, syrah, ciliegiolo and other red berried grapes

Alcohol: 13% vol

Volume: 0,75l

Wine making: spontaneous fermentation without synthetic products in the cellar, with fermentative maceration, unfiltered or clarified

Aging: 40% in old French oak barrels, 60% in steel

Serve at: 16-18° C

Food matches: red and white meats, first courses of meat

About him: the name of this wine, Vizioramingo, mostly reflects the natural philosophy from which it draws its inspiration, its element is the earth, an archetype that defines its organoleptic characteristics; wine, a man's vice, is produced from grapes coming from different areas and planted on different types of soil; with patience the farmer, wanderer, has to go to the various plots to be able to work them in order to create this noble drink.
It is a multi-varietal blend and productively located in various areas of the Lucca area, a wine conceived in perfect Land Recovery style.
Tendentially the grapes are divided by variety and by production area in 8-ton mastelle; the varieties are de-stemmed and crushed with wide rolls and manual punching and punching are performed; then the most suitable masses for aging pass into used barriques, to be subsequently assembled and rested in cement before bottling.
A super blend from the NATURAL Tuscan territoriality !!! 996 bottles produced...!
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Realizzazione siti web www.sitoper.it
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