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Wines Es d'Aqui by Jean Luis Pinto

08-02-2020 16:49 - Review
Es d'Aqui
by Jean Louis Pinto

Young and talented winemaker from the South West of France, where he has his very small cellar in the town of Moulin Neuf. Like many young and wine-enthusiasts, they make their bones in various small and large cellars and with approaches to agriculture of various kinds; but as on many occasions, the shock come out at the first sip of a natural wine that awakened in him emotions and sensations now dormant or even never felt! Immediately quitting his job, he reset his mind and started drawing his new project. Jean Louis does not have a single vineyard, but rather 8 selected micro parcels in the best terroirs, ranging from the surroundings of Gaillac to St Chinian, Malepère, Ariège, Corbières. Each year the grapes of each area are vinified separately and each cuvée responds and faithfully tells the characteristics of the vintage of each particular area. A production of high quality and territoriality squeezed into every single grape for cuvee produced between 600 and 1,500 label bottles.


Danslezetoiles '17 - a boarding of red fruits that will immediately hit the heart! 22,90€
All in Wine 17/18 - megablend of white and red grapes that dances on the edge of balanced madness! 27,90€
MSV '15 - the Orange Wine according to Jean Louis Pinto, 4 months on relax on the skins for this super Sauvignon; 29,90€
Tracheo '16 - exciting Grenache with dangerously pressing freshness and drinkability! 32,90€

Wine Symphony natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

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