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Back to Gradoli, one of our favorite places! And it's here that in 2005 Gianmarco Antonuzzi and Clémentine Bouveron started their adventure by purchasing a 4-hectare land abandoned for more than 20 years and called "Le Coste". The two, who later became husband and wife, revive the old vineyards, restore them to new splendor and in just over ten years become one of the most emblematic producers in the panorama of Italian artisan wine.
Today the company boasts almost 15 hectares divided between young vineyards planted over time, others for rent of almost seventy years of age and the historic vineyard that has become the Cru of the company, LE COSTE, as well as centuries-old olive trees and abandoned terraces, become woods.
The vineyards, bordered for the most part by fruit trees, are rigorously composed of local vines and local traditions such as Aleatico, Procanico, Ansonica, Roscetto, Malvasia, Vermentino, Ciliegiolo, Verdello, Colorino, Canaiolo, Grechetto Rosso (and so on and so forth!) raised at different altitudes (450-600 m asl) on the slopes of the Bolsena lake, a fertile, mineral, ferrous and immaculate land.
Biodynamic in the vineyard, zero interventions in the cellar, for wines with a peasant spirit, rustic, deeply territorial and true. Each cuveè tells its own story and you can find them from the freshest with crazy drink to the sharpest and most electric, but all with the mineral and sapid notes of the extraordinary soil of volcanic origin that is Tuscia!

Rosso di Gaetano 2020 - 60% Sangiovese (young vines), 20% Merlot, 20% Syrah; € 21.90
Rosso 2019 - 80% Sangiovese, 20% composed of Ciliegiolo, Canaiolo and Vaiano; grapes coming from the "Le Coste" cru vineyard; € 23.90
Pinotto 2019 - 100% Pinot Nero with grapes from two young plots planted with mass selection of the vineyard from which the legendary PNT is obtained and from the vineyards of Yann Durieux, historic producer of natural wine in Burgundy; € 44.90
Carbò 2018 - 100% Sangiovese in carbonic maceration; € 37.90
Bianchetto 2020 - 90% Procanico (from young vines), 10% consisting of Malvasia and Moscato; € 21.90
Bianco 2019 - 80% Procanico, 20% composed of Malvasia, Roscetto, Pedino, Romanesco and Ansonica; grapes coming from the "Le Coste" cru vineyard; € 27.90
Rosato 2019 - 100% Aleatico with grapes coming from the "Le Coste" cru vineyard.

Wine Symphony wine shop of natural wines by small winemakers with a big heart.

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