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01-07-2023 16:55 - Review
Austria - Burgerland

Laissez-faire, as the French say: “Leave everything to the play of natural forces. No rigid order, no fixed rule, no dogma”. This is the dogma followed by the legendary Christian Tschida during winemaking, but it is also his vision of the world.
By now, his family has been making wine for four generations in Burgenland, Austria and Christian is the worthy and current heir after taking over the 10-hectare vineyard when he was 27 and knowing only that he had to change the traditional concept and create something free without complicated techniques. “A wine that reflects my attitude”.
His fantastic Burgenland vineyards offer incredibly intensely flavored grapes and a refined result, which differs slightly with each vintage according to how individual vineyards perform during the vintage.
Christian is sure, and how can he be wrong, that excellent wine starts with healthy soil, in fact his vineyards boast a very rich plant and animal life, a tribute to his natural approach. But even in the cellar he goes the road less traveled and uses a so-called vertical basket press instead of a manual one, which is much lighter and only extracts the best juices from the grapes. The wines are then left to develop completely and without intervention in barrels where they are said to reach their inner balance. Sometimes this process can take up to 5 years, however it's worth the wait as the result is simply divine. For those who still have doubts, all that remains is to try his wines ;)

Himmel Auf Erden Weiss 2021 - Scheurebe, Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) pressed directly and aged in old wooden barrels; €36.90
Himmel Auf Erden Rosè 2021 - Cabernet Franc pressed directly and aged in old wooden barrels; €36.90
Himmel Auf Erden II Orange 2021 - Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc), Scheurebe and various clones of Muscat with maceration on the skins ranging from two to four weeks; aging in old wooden barrels; €36.90
Kapitel I 2021 - Zweigelt, Cabernet Franc with aging in old wooden barrels; €36.90
Non Tradition Weiss 2021 - Gruner Veltliner in small part macerated on the skins for a very short time; aging in old wooden barrels; €67.90
Felsen II 2021 - Syrah from old vines... my goodness!!! €67.90

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