21 Luglio 2024
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Vino Rosso 2019 Fool in Pajamas Manuel Pulcini

Winery: Azienda Agricola Manuel Pulcini

Viticulture: artisans made like they used to be!

Region: Tuscany

Grape varieties: megablend from old vines of Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Syrah, Aleatico, Cabernet, Colorino and other red berried grapes.

Alcohol: 13% vol

Volume: 0,75l

Wine making: spontaneous fermentation with fermentation maceration in tubs; not filtered or clarified

Aging: 40% in old French oak barrels, 60% in steel

Serve at: 16-18° C

Food matches: red and white meats, first courses of meat

About him: here the Manuel's megablend of red grape varieties from old vineyards scattered over the hills of the Lucca and Pisan countryside.
Wine of extreme freshness and with the structure that only our splendid Tuscan terroir can give! Red fruits, spices, herbaceous notes, enveloping and with a long and never cloying finish. Authenticity and territoriality!!!
FOOL IN PAJAMAS was born from Manuel's constant experimentation to create new products and from the idea of ​​immortalizing this "splendid" 2020 with a wine! A year that we'll remember back to as survivors, between pain and some fear-exorcising laughter. A year of very high and very low, which we hope is destined to end soon. For this reason, and partly out of luck, it was wisely decided that it will absolutely be a LIMITED EDITION!!!
Manuel has always been close to and fascinated by the world of graphic arts by hosting artists, illustrators and graphic designers "wandering" around the world and trying to reflect this passion in each label. And this is how after a hard-fought contest with "likes", the most voted drawings of the various artists participating in the competition were awarded! Contest born with the aim of touching this very delicate issue in a colorful and goliardic way in this historical moment where each of us was forced to stay more time than usual at home, giving up their activities and probably spending a good part of the day on the sofa with his pajamas.
Exclusively on our website, Fool in Pajamas box 1, six different labels for a single wine with a crazy freshness and with the structure that only our splendid Tuscan terroir can give! A megablend of red grape varieties from old vines with extreme genuineness and territoriality!!!
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