22 Gennaio 2021
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Christophe Lindenlaub wines

01-03-2020 18:21 - Review
Christophe Lindenlaub

Historical Domaine with a long history that began more than two centuries ago in the heart of Alsace. Today the works are led by Christophe, progenitor of the conversion into organic agriculture of the 10 hectares spread over the Dorlisheim and Mutzig hills. The goal is to create the most natural wines possible, which more faithfully transcribe the identity of the terroirs in which they were born. Many experiments, works, meetings, including that of Richard Leroy, an exceptional oenologist from the Loire, have brought Christophe and his wines to the notoriety where they are today: lively and full of energy wines, with their own identity and unique character!

A pas de velours '17 - Alsatian Pinot Noir, fresh and dynamic; 22,90€
Des racines et des ailes '17 - Pinot Gris for romantic evenings; 22,90€
Elefanta Citron '17 - is the splendid Riesling Orange obtained with long macerations of this magnificent grape variety! Brilliant wine, citrus and candied fruit, splendid creaminess that drives you crazy! Orange bomb!!! 35,90€

Wine Symphony natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

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