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Due Parole 2017 SETE

27-01-2020 19:00 - Review
Due Parole '17

100% Ottonese for 100 years of history!!! 30 days of relax on the skins for these grapes from a small centenary vineyard on free foot, planted in 1919 in Contrada San Martino in Priverno. On the occasion of the 100 years of the vineyard (1919-2019), 100 bottles of the 187 produced in the 2017 vintage were exceptionally offered for sale.
The label designed by the illustrator Giovanni Simoncelli, tells the illustrations through a line of time in which the different passages of baton in the management of the vineyard are marked. It starts from 1919, when Domenico Antonio D'Amici (Emiliano's great-grandfather) returned from the great war and planted the first vines, passing through 1950 the year in which his grandfather Costantino Giorgi married Agostina D'Amici daughter of Domenico Antonio and began to cultivate it . To arrive in 1987, the year in which Uncle Mario started to take care of the vineyard, until he reached 2017 the first year of Sete management.
Due Parole is a complex Orange Wine, dry and powerful but at the same time sapid, mineral, straight and persistent with an alcoholic part and a well-present body that tell the 2017 vintage well, warm and arid. It's a wine that is not afraid of aging as well as the plants from which the grapes come, to drink calmly enjoying the many evolutions that take place in the glass with the passage of time.
The capsule is made of natural wax!

Wine Symphony natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

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