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Sebastien Riffault Sancerre wines

02-02-2020 14:13 - Review
Sebastien Riffault
Sancerre Sauvignon passion

Here we are in Sury-en-Vaux in the Sancerre area, in the Loire region. Here Sébastien deals with a vineyard of 4 hectares, where the whole working cycle takes place in a natural way: the plowing of the soil is carried out with a mare, thus allowing better oxygenation of the soil, in the vineyard no acaricides or insecticides are used, but only absolutely natural fertilizers and harvested when the grapes are very ripe.
In the cellar enzymes are not used, the acidity is completely natural and the wine is neither filtered nor clarified and the malolactic fermentation also takes place completely spontaneously. Extraordinary the Sancerre produced by the Maison that reflect in their being the love, dedication and great competence of Sebastien Riffault and above all they are the natural version of Sancerrois! So if you are looking for a different Sancerre, far from standard aromatics, look no further...you have found what you need!!!


Auksinis Maceration '15 - enveloping, deep and intense, characterized by a lively and lashing freshness. A bottle of great impact and character, capable of enclosing the characteristics of the terroir and all the love of the vigneron!! 38,90€
Sauletas '15 - full, intense and deep, characterized by a beautiful minerality that gives freshness and lengthens the finish. A small golden nugget that we are happy to be able to offer you! 37,90€
Skeveldra '15 - fresh and mineral, with spicy and enveloping references, with acidity that recalls the juiciness of a lemon. The persistent and very pleasant finish, for a wine that conveys heavenly sensations! 36,90€
Auksinis '15 - complex, intriguing, dense, powerful, with savory minerality, with lively tannins and a fine spicy return...sensations for an exciting experience! 38,90€

Wine Symphony natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

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