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Manuel Pulcini wines

30-04-2020 12:21 - Review

Make way for young winemakers! With just 2.5 hectares spread between the provinces of Lucca and Pisa, the project was born driven by an immeasurable energy and passion that promotes healthy agriculture, natural winemaking and an alternative lifestyle. The MP farm bases its activity on the recovery of abandoned vineyards, with the aim of saving the rich wine heritage from oblivion and rediscovering and appreciating it.
New vintage of Marroca, but also new hilarious creations made not to take yourself too seriously and spend these dark moments with more joy and light-heartedness!!!

Bercio del Sirca '19 - Vermentino with a pinch of other white grape varieties all from a micro-parcel used every year to create a new wine in collaboration with the young interns of the agricultural faculty of Pisa; this edition gives us a nice Vermentino, savory and delicate, with good drinkability and above all territoriality! 15,90 €
La Marroca '19 - trebbiano, then malvasia, vermentino and other white grape varieties; herbaceous, delicately fruity and much more vibrant than the previous vintage; 17,90 €
Apocalitro - blend of fermenting musts of all the red wines from the cellar! Designed in an apocalyptic scenario, a wine that is the end of the world!!! No jury, no appeal, no compromise...only APOCALITER!!! no filtered, no clarified, no addition of sulphites. 15,90 €
The Wine After Tomorrow - nice parody for the name given to this wine, new creation of the talented Manuel Pulcini! A fresh juice of pure and much loved Tuscany, aged only in steel and obtained like its older brother Vizioramingo from the blend of red grapes; 15,90 €

Wine Symphony natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

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