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Manuel Pulcini wines

07-12-2019 10:41 - Review

Manuel Pulcini, Roman by origin and Pisan by adoption! He moved to Pisa to attend the Faculty of Oenology, after completing his studies and gaining experience in various prestigious wineries between the Langhe and Tuscany and getting closer to the world of biodynamics and natural fermentation, he decided to make the leap beyond the vineyard! Rented 1.8 hectares of abandoned vineyard at the small village of San Macario in Monte in the province of Lucca and other small plots of Tuscany for a total of 2.5 hectares, born the project driven by an immeasurable energy and passion that promotes healthy agriculture, natural winemaking and alternative lifestyle. The farm is a winery that bases its activity on the recovery of abandoned vineyards, with the aim of saving the rich winemaking heritage from oblivion and making it rediscover and appreciate, thus forming a link between generational agriculture and traditional agriculture to the modern world.
Following the principles of ethical agriculture, natural wines of current conception are produced, thanks to the combination of ancient traditions and innovative procedures of oenological transformation.
And here are the super blends of a tuscanaccio romanaccio!!!


MARROCA 2018 - super blend mainly Trebbiano, then Malvasia, Vermentino and other white grapes! Special vinification obtained after naturally spontaneous fermentation and consisting of three different bases, then combined for aging, that is, the main structure is obtained with a tank-drained fermentation without maceration to which is then added an acid base and a small percentage of Malvasia overripe macerated on the skins for about 10 days. A wine with an intense golden color, the nose is multi-faceted and elegant and the herbaceous and floral fragrances are well perceived with light notes of fresh fruit, in the mouth stands out a decisive freshness and minerality with a bewitching citrine final. 1,311 bottles produced...!!! 17,90 €
VIZIORAMINGO 2017 - another super blend but red, obtained with the prevalence of Sangiovese, then Canaiolo, Syrah, Ciliegiolo and other red berried grapes! Aged well sorted between old French oak and steel barrels and then finished in cement before bottling.
Vizioramingo better reflects the natural philosophy from which it draws its inspiration, its element is the earth, an archetype that defines its organoleptic characteristics; wine, the vice of man, is produced from grapes coming from different areas and planted on different types of soil; with patience the farmer, wanderer, has to go to the various plots to be able to work them in order to create this noble drink.
It's a multi-varietal blend and productively located in various areas of the Lucca area, a wine conceived in perfect Land Recovery style. 19,90 €

Realizzazione siti web www.sitoper.it
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