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MOLI 2018 Progetto SETE

23-01-2021 10:50 - Review
MOLI 2018

Here is the first wine aged in wood from the friends of the Sete project and it's a real success! Moscato Bianco from vines over 40 years of age, on relax on the skins for a week and then aged for about a year in old chestnut barriques.
Length and freshness characterize the drink, enhanced by a "tamed" acidity than usual thanks to a longer aging period. A lot of exotic fruits and flowers, high sapidity and delicate softness...TOP! A must for fans of aromatic wines.
Hint to the label: the Moli is an imaginary plant, belonging to the divine kingdom, which appears in Homer's Odyssey (X, 302-306), where it plays a fundamental role in saving Ulysses thanks to the magical properties with which it's endowed. In the tenth canto it was to symbolize the remedy donated by the god Hermes to Ulysses, as an antidote against the potion based on Ciceone offered by the goddess Circe as a gift of hospitality. Thanks to the antidote, Ulysses managed to escape the pig metamorphosis, a fate that fell to his companions.
Some writings associate the herb Moli with the Scilla Marina, represented on the label as a tribute to the Circeo National Park, a wonderful territory located a few kilometers from the Amaseno Valley, one of the historical landmark of Ulysses' mythology.

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