Denis Montanar wines

06-04-2020 16:45 -

With these latest arrivals, the splendid selection of Denis wines is completed! Authentic wines with a unique and inimitable territoriality!!!
Battery embellished also by Dente di Cavallo beer, returned by popular demand on our website...also in anticipation of the hot summer days that sooner or later will come!!!

Bianco Dodon 2018 - the splendid Tocai Friulano obtained from vineyards with very low yields, slightly macerated; live wine, dry and with splendid sapidity. Really exciting!!! 21,90 €
Uis Neris 2013 - finally available after long years of aging and relax in the splendid Denis cellar, Uis Neris wines! Wine composed mostly of Merlot with a hint of Cabernet Sauvignon and son of long macerations in whole! Ripe, but very fresh fruit, then it return to the wild woods with impressive plant notes, ending with tertiary notes. Long and sapid, despite being a very important wine, it's easy to drink. 32,90 €
Uis Blancis 2017 - dense and golden flashes in the glass. The aromas are captivating thanks to their super intensity, but unlike the previous year, they acquire more delicate notes as well as on the palate. It benefits from an aging in steel which gives us a more dynamic and light wine, although always fantastically complex. Above all, citrus notes and a splendid flavor are perceived which continually entice you to drink. Orange wine TOP!!! 29,90 €
Birra Dente di Cavallo - Italian Grape Ale, unfiltered with an amber color; it's a "peasant" beer, initially dry, a characteristic conferred by Dente di Cavallo corn, with hints of apricot and grapes; on the palate it leaves a light aftertaste of licorice and mint attenuated in hops and slightly bitter. In short, an agricultural beer par excellence !!! 13,50 €