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04-12-2021 10:57 - Review

We too, however as small as we are, contribute to helping Oriol which during 2020 saw almost the entire harvest fade! Thus was born the SOS line produced with grapes donated by all his winemakers friends. However, here is two more info about his project:
From the oldest wine-growing area in Catalonia (Alella) here is the splendid project by Oriol Artigas!
As splendid as the location is, divided by a mountain range parallel to the coast that divides the vineyards most exposed to the Mediterranean and the inland area. Vineyards that grow on the hills overlooking the sea, in a very wild area and with maritime pines that surround the various parcels that sometimes contain an enormous variety of vines (up to fifty!).
The super mineral soils and the vines that reside on them are managed following the biodynamic lunar calendar, while in the cellar the juices are not altered with any sort of intervention. The result is pure wines, obtained thanks to the hand and knowledge of Oriol, a chemist of primary training and a second oenologist, who thanks to the awareness of his profession knows how to recognize every situation he is going against and manage it in the best possible way.
Wines that are a real juice that tastes of the sea and Mediterranean scrub!

SOS #10 Sebastia Pie '20 - Xarello with maceration on the skins for 3/4 days; € 20.90
SOS #1 La Salada '20 - Xarello with 14 days of maceration in whole bunches; fermentation for 25% of the grapes in old oak barrels; € 29.90
SOS #12 Succes Vinicola '20 - Trepat with about 7/8 days of maceration on the whole bunches; € 20.90
SOS #2 Cosmic Vinyaters '20 - 70% Macabeu, 30% Moscatell; 2 days of maceration on the skins and refermentation in bottle; € 21.90
SOS #3 Sangenis I Vaque '20 - 60% Black Garnacha, 40% Carinyena; 10 days of maceration on whole bunches; 20% of the grapes ferment in old oak barrels; € 36.90
SOS #4 Celler Pujol Cargol '20 - 100% Garnatxa (Grenache in Catalan) from 30 year old vines; about 6/8 days of maceration on whole bunches; € 20.90
SOS #8 Frisach & Tuets '20 - 85% Parellada, 15% Garnatxa; 8 days of maceration on whole bunches for Garnatxa; destemming and pressing with 3 days of further maceration on the skins with Parellada; € 20.80
SOS #9 Succes Vinicola '20 - 100% Macabeu from vines of about 40 years of age; about 4/5 days of maceration on the skins; € 20.90
Cuvée Total '20 - 80% Pansa Blanca, 20% mix from all the Oriol vineyards; 7 days of maceration for 50% of the grapes, while the other 50% macerates for only 3 days. € 43.90

Wine Symphony wine shop of natural wines by small winemakers with a big heart.

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