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16-10-2021 15:42 - Review

In the heart of Styria, precisely in Lestein, here are Franz and Christine Strohmeier, inhabitants and winemakers in a small corner of paradise, in complete symbiosis with nature. Vines planted on incredibly steep slopes, but spectacularly fascinating and full of many native and non-native varieties. The result is wines with a composition that varies from year to year depending on the vintage; which is why on the label we find the name of the wine followed by a number that indicates the number of vintages it has reached. Wines full of love, precision, super vibrant and refreshing!!!

Roter Frizzante n° 1 2020 - Pink bubbles with unprecedented vitality! Spices and berries, but also citrus and roots. A light as a feather and excellent to drink at any time of the day. € 31.90
Blanc d'Orange n° 2 2020 - Light and super refreshing bubble! The grapes come from experimental 'minimal pruning' vineyards, a technique the Strohmeier would like to switch to in the long run. Super mix of fruits including grapefruit, melon, quince then move on to spices such as white pepper and herbs such as thyme and chamomile. Quench your thirst! € 36.90
Cat Silver n° 2 2020 - "Cat Silver", or what the Strohmeier call silicate stones with very thin layers that sparkle on the soil of all their vineyards. It is a true portrait of the company, a megablend made up of all the grapes present in all the vineyards, including some PiWi hybrids. White grapes (Sauvignon blanc, Pinot blanc, Chardonnay, Bronner, Muscaris, Büten-Muskateller) and red (Souvignier gris) and dark grapes (Zweigelt, Blauer Wildbacher, Cabernet Jura, Merlot, Rösler, Regent).
Fun and tasty, fruity at the right point and with an interesting tannic note. € 36.90

Wine Symphony wine shop of natural wines by small winemakers with a big heart.

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