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Escoda Sanahuja wines

07-03-2020 12:25 - Review
Escoda Sanahuja

We are in Catalonia, and it is here that Joan after spending years working in a large local winery and traveling in the vineyards of France, decides to put his experiences into action. It was '99 when he started producing wine in his wife's village, Conca de Barberà, near Montblanc, where from the beginning all the vineyards were cultivated biodynamically and in 2005 the final turning point starting to produce wines with no added sulphites, a practice which continues today and with exceptional results!
The vineyards are located in various areas around Montblanc, all using different planting systems depending on the location, soil and grape variety. There is a large variety of grapes planted, from many international ones that Joan loves personally, to native varieties.
In the cellar Joan constantly experiments and consequently every year not only the grapes will express themselves differently, but also himself and his wines! All this not by chance, but to prove the exact expression of the vintage in an attempt to strike a perfect balance between complexity and freshness.
Only spontaneous fermentations and without the addition of sulphites in any phase for wines always made completely naturally and in the simplest way possible.


Nas del Gegant '18 - fragrant and light multivarietal megablend; 20,90€
Brutal '18 - Cabernet Franc!!! 32,90€
Els Bassots '18 - Chenin Blanc, two weeks of relax on the skins, than one year and more of well-deserved relax in exhausted French oak barrels; exceptional aromatic intensity, spectacular richness on the palate...real show!!! 32,90€
La Llopetera '18 - is an elegant Catalan version of Pinot Noir! Delicate, fresh and with a spectacular drinkability!!! 32,90€

Wine Symphony natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

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