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Simone Setti wines - Quasi1Ettaro

24-05-2020 14:44 - Review
by Simone Setti

QUASI1ETTARO is a wonderful land, abandoned for many years uncultivated, purchased in 2015 by Simone.
Located in Guardistallo in Le Rocchette at 250 meters above sea level on a gentle slope facing south west, where the view between meadows, olive groves, hills and valleys, reaches the sea and the Corsican mountains, and the islands of Capraia and Gorgona.
The clayey soil, rich in skeleton, calcarenites, alabaster and fossil shells, evidence of the sea present 23 million years ago, nourishes the vines, that are treated with biodynamic preparations and only a minimal amount of copper and sulfur, with precious minerals. In the historic cellar of the Corsini family in the center of the ancient village of Montescudaio, these splendid portraits of the area come to life, brushed ad hoc by the single hand of the good Simone!
A lot of experience and passion, a splendid territory and here for you some small handmade jewels obtained by the naturally human hand!

Vino Rosso 2018 - 16€; category Sangiovese passion! It comes from grapes of different vineyards aged between 15 and 20 years. Dynamic fresh and with good tannin...the Tuscan that we like so much!!! Niche production for a few thousand bottles...
Fico Secco 2017 - 25 €; 90% Sangiovese, but as per peasant tradition there are also other autochthonous grapes of the Pisan hill, Canaiolo, Colorino, Giacomino, Colombana nera, Montepulciano, Ciliegiolo and others! Coming from the 40-year-old vineyard of the same name, a wine that embodies the characteristics of this splendid area! Warm but always alive, with an elixir acidity of long life and persuasive tannins that never divert attention from a slender and always pleasant sip. Long live Tuscany!!! Run...a few hundred bottles produced every year...

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