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Wines MicroBio Wines by Gozalo Ismael

22-02-2020 11:19 - Review
MicroBio Wines
by Ismael Gozalo

Here we are in Nieva, a small town in the province of Segovia, in the Rueda region. Here Ismael Gozalo farmer to the fifth generation of winemakers, takes care of the old vineyards of Verdejo and produces since the beginning of his adventure wines considered among the best whites in Spain!
Micro Bio is a family project that responds to a philosophy of life that benefits from wine and its sharing, as opposed to a production and marketing policy. The idea, from the beginning, was to produce wines with personality, without losing the varietal character and without masking the fruit. The ancient vineyards are located on sandy soils and the cellar is located in the basement of an ancient monastery (beautiful!!!), where this tiny reality produces only 10,000 bottles in many versions, some obtained following ancient forms of winemaking and aging (Tentados Orange and Kilometro 0) and others following the innovative and creative spirit of Ismael (Microbio 2018).

Here are our proposals created by the Maestro of Verdejo!!!

Microbio '18 - 100% Verdejo, whole bunch pressing with spontaneous fermentation with only indigenous yeasts in old large barrels from Moselle where it then still on its lees for about 12 months; it's neither filtered nor clarified, nor added sulfur dioxide, the true and sincere portrait photo of Verdejo according to Ismael Gozalo! 30,90€
Kilometro 0 "El origen" '17 - 100% Verdejo, spontaneous carbonic fermentation (whole bunch) with maceration on the skins for 2 months in terracotta amphorae then the grapes are pressed and the juice transferred to the barrique where it rests for about 12 months followed by another 10 months in the bottle before being put on sale no filtered, no clarified, no addition of sulfur dioxide, Orange bomb!!! 31,90€
Tentados Orange '18 - 100% Verdejo, spontaneous carbon fermentation (whole bunch) with maceration on the skins for 5 weeks in terracotta amphorae 6 months later on relaxation on the skins always in terracotta amphorae, then the skins are pressed and the juice remains in the amphora for another 6 months, no filtered, no clarified, no addition of sulfur dioxide, Micro Microbio's most emblematic and complex Orange Wine! 31,90€

Wine Symphony natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

Realizzazione siti web www.sitoper.it
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