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Domaine L'Octavin wines by Alice Bouvot

11-10-2020 11:13 - Review
by Alice Bouvot

A great lady of natural wines! Originally from the Jura, Alice Bouvot founded her company (L'Octavin) there in 2005. The choice to grow organic and then biodynamic was made very quickly and the company obtained the Demeter certification in 2010. Passionate of music, Alice develops her beautiful melodies with her Arbois grapes, but also through small collaborations with friends winemakers who share his same vision of agriculture. His wines have impressed us from the beginning and today we are proud to be able to present them to you in all their glory!

Mus'cat 2018 - carbonic maceration of about two weeks for a spectacularly aromatic blend of Muscat d'Alexandrie and Muscat à Petits Grains by Vincent Lafage in the Pyrenees. Exotic golden nectar!!! € 33.90
Commendatore 2018 - wild Jura! An original portrait and very far from the classic Trousseau for a more unique than rare wine. Thanks to the very long maceration it acquires important notes of spices, herbs and red fruits supported by a nice tannin and always excellent acidity. € 51.90
Dorabella 2018 - Poulsard; 50% of the grapes are not de-stemmed and carry out carbonic maceration; the other 50% is de-stemmed by hand and left to macerate for 8 weeks. Wine with particular sensations on the palate, with its generous structure and its beautiful acidity supported by very subtle tannins. Fantastic notes of strawberries and cherries, but there is also a persistent herbaceous note reminiscent of marjoram and oregano. € 47.90
Elle Aime 2018 - Pinot Noir and Chardonnay; exquisite fruit salad of small red fruits! Great drinkability, super acidity and vibrant sip from first to the last glass!!! TOP!!!! € 49.90
Potion Magique 2018 - cofermented blend of Poulsard, Chardonnay and Savagnin from Alice Bouvot's La Mailloche vineyard, home to the grape varieties used in the creation of its high-end wines such as Pamina or Reine de la Nuit. For this cuvée the grapes were harvested quite early, giving the wine a brilliant acidity; joyfully aromatic, with fruit and spices that dance along the palate and encourage more and more to drink. A wine with a fantastic color and extraordinarily unique sensations! € 51.90
Reine de la Nuit 2018 - Chardonnay and Savagnin from vines over 40 years old and from the La Mailloche vineyard, home to the vines used in the creation of Octavin's high-end wines. For the first time this wine is vinified without maceration on the skins...and is an extraordinary expression of this great terroir, showing a balance of power and expressiveness that will reward drinkers for many years to come. Super!!! € 49.90
Sylvaner 2018 - Alice's Tour de France continues by traveling across the country to collect every bunch of grapes herself from her friends winemakers! This splendid wine made from the maceration of Sylvaner grapes from the vineyards of his friend Philippe Brand in Alsace is the kind of lively and rejuvenating aperitif we love with all our hearts! € 33.90
Zerlina 2018 - blend of Trousseau and Pinot Nero from Alice's En Curon vineyard, where its touch is all too clear. The grapes were given only a delicate extraction, resulting in a delicate, fragrant and super lively wine. There are few people who make unique wines like Alice and even in this case we couldn't be happier that she does things her way!!! € 49.90

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