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07-12-2020 16:51 - Review

Let's discover new enterprising and talented young vignerons!
We are in the Rhone Valley, precisely near Gordes, a magnificent well-known village in the Luberon, where Aurélie and Vincent started since 2014, starting first with 3.5ha of old vines from Carignan, Cinsault and Aubun that have been organically grown for 20 years. Their domain is called Les Maoù and reminds us a little of Provence...but we bet that from here in a few years you will hear a lot about it! Zero chemistry and a great respect for nature and for natural winemaking, not interventionist but nevertheless very precise (nature is good, and even more if accompanied in an intelligent way...). Maoù wines are small jewels full of fruit, thanks to the semicarbonic maceration, they play on freshness and have an excellent balance...enough to drink and drink them several times!

Entre Chats '19 - Grenache, Cinsault, Clairette; super mix of red fruits for a light wine, never intrusive and that goes down in an instant! Super glou glou!!! € 18.90
Faire Avec '19 - Alicante, Clairette rose; life as a winemaker is not easy...one night too cold is enough and an entire harvest is compromised...this unfortunately is what happened to Aurélie and Vincent who had to deal with what was left of part of the vineyard not yet harvested. However, one must know how to grasp the positive notes even in bad luck and this new cuvée was born with lots of fresh fruit and elegance. Alicante and Clairette rose for the blend, all vinified and bottled without sulphites! Very good!!! € 20.90
L'un dans l'Autre '19 - new cuvée at Les Maoù! And another super bomb!!!! 100% Cabernet Sauvignon in semi-carbon for a perfect juice both now and for the summer. € 19.90
Plan B '19 - Grenache, Clairette direct pressing; fresh and straightforward, the Blanc of Les Maoù will certainly not leave you indifferent! € 20.90

Wine Symphony wine shop of natural wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

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