Stefano Amerighi wines from Cortona

15-04-2020 11:07 -

wines from Cortona

Welcome back as well to the amazing Syrah of Stefano, born from the desire to be able to produce a great wine through the family peasant tradition, passion, knowledge of the world of wine and the practice of biodynamics. Thanks to these principles and to the position of the vineyards, located in the best area of ​​the CHIUSO of Cortona (the most qualitative hill system for Cortonese viticulture) called POGGIOBELLO di Farneta, today wines of excellent quality are born, all rigorously produced through a vinification with the total absence of corrective agents and chemicals!

Julie & Giulia 2018 - the "light" version of Stefano's Syrah developed in collaboration with his friend and colleague Julie. Another splendid interpretation for the master of this grape with which obtains in this label a super mix of fresh red fruits and light spicy notes. Wine of great balance and delicacy! 16,90€
Syrah 2017 - the elegance and power of the grape mixed with a fantastic territory! 24,90 €
Syrah Apice 2016 - comes from grapes ripened "at the apex" of the Canoni vineyard; TOP! 41,90 €
Syrah Rosa 2019 - from the freshest and earliest Syrah grapes from the "Canonici" vineyard, in an interpretation, as natural as possible and full of freshness and flavor! 14,90 €
La Botte Secrete Sangiovese 2016 - Sangiovese according to Stefano! Developed in collaboration with the friends of Le Vin des Potes, an organization that has managed to bring together 11 winemakers who all work with the same philosophy based on respect for mother nature, making their grapes naturally. And in a natural way this splendid wine was also produced, alive and authentic, a real Sangiovese !!! 17,90 €

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