04 Dicembre 2021
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14-09-2021 19:10 - Review

Territoriality (Benevento), juiciness, tasty and super drinkability! Few words but which best describe Gabriele's and Gaetano's wines, proud ambassadors of their territory and of vines almost forgotten and brought back to life thanks to their exciting project.
Natural wines obtained with a genuinely artisanal process. The grapes, all hand-picked, ferment in open vats in more or less prolonged contact with the skins and without temperature control. They come from vines of at least 20 years, in complantation and treated only with sulfur and copper, identified and selected in different areas of the Taburno. As per peasant tradition, these are mixed varieties and vinified jointly for which none wines are single-variety. Spontaneous fermentation, without temperature control, no clarification or stabilization, no filtration and no addition of sulphites, neither in the vinification phase than in the bottling phase. The wines, after only one racking and months of permanence in glass or steel in contact with the fine lees, are bottled manually.
Few, but never banal and always exciting juices of pure terroir!!!

Ossigeno 2020 - Falanghina and Coda di Pecora (ancient native Campano vine) on relax on the skins for 7 days; € 14.90
Tino5 2020 - Trebbiano, Coda di Pecora, Falerno and Moscato on relax on the skins for 7 days; € 14.90
Big Bang 2020 - Falanghina and Coda di Pecora on relax on the skins for 7 days and re-fermented with the addition of white must and a pinch of red; € 14.90
R&B 2020 - is the set of soft pressing of white and red berried grapes of the whole 2020 harvest!!! € 15.90
Hitchcock 2020 - Merlot and a 40% mix of ancient native red grape varieties from Campania plus a pinch Montepulciano; € 15.90

Wine Symphony wine shop of natural wines by small winemakers with a big heart.

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