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Crocizia wines - vintage 2019

18-07-2020 08:44 - Review
Vintage 2019

A hymn to the Pet Nat! The portrait of the territory and its traditions according to Marco Rizzardi.
Here are the new vintages of the historic native pets of the Crocizia house, plus new reinterpretations and creations always joyfully sparkling!!!

Besiosa - super mix of citrus and aromatic herbs, light astringency and delicate bubbles...always top! € 12.90
Balos - small red fruits that always accompany you after the end of the bottle! € 12.90
Znestra - herbs and flowers with a touch of citrus; super refreshing! € 12.90
Sol & Steli - the Sauvignon you would never expect! € 12.90
Mòssca - comes out in a brand new sparkling guise! White and Yellow Muscat, always delicately aromatic and also dry and direct on the palate. Bubbly!!! € 13.90
Tres-Bien - the French soul of Trebbiano from Parma! Herbaceous and floral, still a splendid territorial interpretation strictly a base of funny bubbles!!! € 13.90
Strajè Bianco - new wines from old vines...TOP!!! Born from the vinification of the grapes of the smallest vineyards scattered in the Apennines. Very small parcels for family use previously cared for by elderly people who now shine with new light thanks to the legendary Marco! In fact, they risked being abandoned and to enhance them it was decided to create this wine where all the white grapes are vinified together with a 10-day maceration to extract their full potential. HIGHER!!! Few unmissable bottles...! € 17.90
Strajè Rosso - like his brother with orange hues, but with a red berry...exciting!!! € 21.90

Wine Symphony natural wine shop of wines made by small vignerons with a big heart!!!

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