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I CACCIAGALLI - Amphora wines

09-02-2019 09:20 - Review
Wine Symphony presents I CACCIAGALLI and their amphora wines!!!
This beautiful and young company, managed by the spouses Diana Iannaccone and Marco Basco, is located in the Alto Casertano where the environment that surrounds the farm is dominated by the Roccamonfina volcano that left an extremely rich and mineral soil, fertile cradle and ideal for vineyards; The territory is also crossed by the river Volturno that gives other important nutrients and the result is perceived in the fresh and mineral wines, extremely expressive of the terroir of origin and made in respect of nature and for traditional craftsmanship.
In the vineyard the principles and practices of biodynamics are followed and the use of terracotta amphorae for the vinification of the grapes is significant: in this way all the aromas are preserved unchanged.

Also for this Wine Symphony offers the three wines in amphora of I Cacciagalli; Line-up:

Pellerosa - few, very few bottles of this exciting rosè with delicate aromas and perfectly balanced palate in every aspect. Wonderful!!!
Zagreo - vinified and refined in amphora with long macerations that make it a real wine, living and in continuous evolution! Beautiful interpretation of Fiano!!!
Phos - Aglianico full bodied and intense that shows itself in a remarkable complexity and amplitude! An impetuous wine with a nice tannin!

Realizzazione siti web www.sitoper.it
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