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Ombretta Agricola wines by Alex della Vecchia

25-04-2020 11:46 - Review
by Alex della Vecchia

Overlooking the Piave river exactly in Salgareda, there is Ombretta Agricola where the young winemaker Alex della Vecchia works, a disciple and heir of the legendary Ernesto Cattel founder and soul, unfortunately disappeared too soon, of Costadilà.
Here too they follow organic agricultural techniques, with purely manual interventions of a viticulture respectful of the territory and the environment, and they work in the cellar according to tradition, with the only help of the indigenous yeasts of their own grapes, without addition of sulphites, filtrations or clarifications.
The gem is the splendid Pet Nat Ombretta Bianco Mosso, exciting from the first to the last sip, but the rosé version is no less! Super interesting the Chardonnay macerated on the skins for a month.
At the same time, the good Alex also carries on the small niche production that boasts only a label of his own family business. This is Pedecastello, a Pet Nat obtained from old Pinot Noir vineyards that give us a wine with super sapidity and freshness.
In short, if summer is coming, do not be unprepared...these wines will surely be for you!!!

Ombretta Mosso Bianco 2018 - Pet Nat splendid both in the delicate and subtle bubbles and in the aromas and flavors! Tropical mix enhanced by an exceptional sapidity! 14,90€
Ombretta Mosso + Skianto 2018 - mix of white and red grapes in a rosé dress; citrus fruits such as lime but also grapefruit and red orange; super sapidity, as well as a super acidity that cleanses the palate and makes you want to drink! 14,90€
Pedecastello 2019 - Pet Nat 100% Pinot Noir; super sapidity + super acidity = a breath of freshness!!! 14,90€
Grinton Blanc 2019 - Chardonnay 30 days macerated on the skins; super citrus, delicate notes of honey and a splendid drinkability!

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