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Podere Orto Trivium wines

16-11-2019 10:28 - Review

It was a long courtship but it was worth it!!! Finally the wines of Giuliano and Simona have landed on our website! In Trevinano, a charming little village in the Alta Tuscia, this splendid project was born and today has become a real reality where a "natural philosophy" is followed, nourishing the soil exclusively with multifloral manure and biodynamic preparations and where are raised white grapes, such as Moscato Bianco Procanico, Greco, Grechetto, and Verdello and red berry varieties, such as Sangiovese, Greghetto rosso and Ciliegiolo. In the cellar the interventions are reduced to a minimum and for all the wines the fermentation always takes place without the aid of adjuvants, using only indigenous yeasts, and the bottling is carried out without filtration. A production of about 4,000 bottles per vintage of authentic wines with characteristics strongly influenced by the territory to which they belong.


Ambrato '18 - mega blend of 9 indigenous grapes for a super territoriality! To dominate are the Moscato Bianco grapes, which give freshness and generate citrus and floral notes that enhance the lively savory verve and the long aromatic trail, together with the Procanico which gives notes of aromatic and mineral herbs already felt softly in the aromas. The circle closes with the perfect union of all the other grapes that determine a wine with an excellent structure and vibrant acidity, for an evolutionary future of the first order! About 1,000 bottles produced of this unmissable jewel!!!26,90€
Amai '18 - perfect assembly of red and white grapes vinified separately and combined at the end of the aging to give a pleasant and super balanced wine, where the Sangiovese has given notes of red fruits and a proper astringency, while the Procanico that dynamism and unique vitality! 22,90€
Rosso '16 Sangiovese - obtained from the selection of the best Sangiovese and Grechetto Rosso grapes, is the clearest expression of the native territory and offers a consistent and very pleasant sip! 29€
Rosso '16 Ciliegiolo - the super quality obtained with the grapes of the 2016 harvest allowed for the first time to vinify in purity this splendid Ciliegiolo bottled only in a few hundred bottles. A territoriality bomb with exciting freshness and balance!!! 36,90€

Wine Symphony natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

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