27 Gennaio 2022
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The new vintage of SETE Project wines!!!

20-06-2020 12:28 - Review
SETE Project 2019

SBAM!!! Here we are again at the summer boarding flanked by all the labels of the new vintage of the super friends of the SETE Project!!!
Line-up to drink in a sip!!!

Tropicale - mostly Ottonese, a bit of Trebbiano and a pinch of Moscato, short maceration and in an instant we are in the Tropics!!! 18,90 €
Freaky - mostly Ottonese, then Sangiovese and a pinch of Moscato; just a sip to be all a little more freaky! 20,90 €
Flora - Moscato di Terracina, maceration for a few days for an explosion of uncontainable aromaticity!!! € 21.90
Nfrascato - Ottonese and Moscato Bianco, short maceration for the first, one week for the second; attention...unstoppable drinkability! 20,90 €
Sabbia - Ottonese and Malvasia Puntinata, short maceration for both; hurricane of tropical sensations!!! 24,90 €
Frizzante Bomba - Ottonese in sparkling and hand-blossomed version; maceration of a few days for a bubbled bomb!!! 27,90 €

Wine Symphony natural wine shop of wines made by small vignerons with a big heart!!!

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