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16-10-2021 15:15 - Review

Savoyard terroir according to Jean-Yves Peron!

Les Oeillets 2019 - 100% Jacquére; for this cuvée, Jean-Yves expects a greater phenolic maturity from the grapes to obtain a greater tannic concentration. Superbly structured and with a beautiful texture, it's delicately spiced, with an explosive minerality and good tension, which over time gives way to notes of apricot and other white pulp fruits. € 36.90
Cotillon des Dames 2019 - one of Jean Yves' flagship cuvées. Splendid gold color with soft floral notes on the nose, the same flavors embellished with nuances of honey, apple, candied orange peel, and then continue with delicately spicy notes. Complex orange wine of superb elegance. € 44.90
Cotillon des Dames Amphore 2018 - a unique version of Jean Yves Peron's famous cuvée Cotillon des Dames, this time vinified and aged in amphorae. Complex, elegant, velvety and fruity orange wine...unicorn wine! € 50.90
La Grande Journée 2019 - a magnificent Orange wine, "multifaceted". It begins with immediately perceptible citrus notes, to pass on to white fruits and delicate floral notes. Opening out the thousand facets based on minerals and spices, a large acid backbone that supports the drink and with a very long finish layer upon layer upon layer, which leaves you enchanted. Magnifique! € 64.90
Les Barrieux 2019 - a rare cuvée because it is exceptional, an unparalleled Orange wine! It is usually made entirely by Roussanne, but can sometimes also include percentages of Jacquère and Altesse to balance the warmth of the vintage. The various vines are assembled immediately after the harvest and are vinified together. The maceration also depends on the vintage and can vary from three to five months. Exciting complexity, with notes of citrus fruits, peaches, baked apples with cinnamon, cloves, aniseed and a super flavor. Orange bomb!!! € 62.90

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