18 Giugno 2021
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OMBRETTA AGRICOLA Alex della Vecchia

18-05-2021 10:51 - Review
by Alex della Vecchia

Directly from the banks of the Piave river here are the juices of just grape by the legendary Alex Della Vecchia! Freshness and super sapidity accompanied by exciting exotic aromas and flavors. Summer is coming...let's not be caught unprepared!!!

Ombretta Rosso Carbo '20 - Merlot in carbonic maceration; wild strawberries, freshly blossomed roses...super mega glou glou! € 15.90
Ombretta Mosso '18 - Verduzzo Trevigiano left on relax on the skins for about 20 days; then a few months in old wooden barrels and at least a year in the bottle; tropical drink! € 15.90
Ombretta Mosso Rosato '19 - Verduzzo Trevigiano (relaxed on the skins) and Cabernet Franc (directly pressed) fermented in bottle; spicy tropical drink! € 15.90
Grinton Pinot Grigio '19 - new cuvée of the Grinton experimental line! Pinot Grigio left on relax on the skins for a month; vibrant like never before! € 15.90
Pedecastello '19 - from Alex's family farm, here is the only wine produced, a fantastic pet nat 100% Pinot Nero from old vines based where the Piave river once flowed. A wine with an incredible freshness, an explosion based on lime, minerals, glazed notes and an incredible sapidity! € 15.90

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