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Agricola Andrea Occhipinti Gradoli

20-01-2018 14:38 - Review
Whether you pass among the hazel groves of the nearby lake of Vico or among the olive groves that frame the imposing city of Tuscania, the whole area of ​​Lake Bolsena will give you a genuine territory punctuated by slow rhythms. Here decided to live Andrea Occhipinti, who, after completing his agronomic studies, wanted to valorise the aleatico in all its possible vinifications: white, rosé, red and passito, as well as in amphora. And it´s precisely from the study conducted on an old aleatico vineyard that Andrea began his adventure and his experiments (also on the autochthonous Grechetto rosso): we are in a difficult territory, fragmented in small production areas interspersed with wooded and impressive tracts fruit trees, but ventilated and with full sun exposure. Born on the north-western shores of Lake Bolsena, in the heart of the territory of Gradoli about 450 m above sea level, the Occhipinti Agricultural Company takes advantage of the fantastic pedo-climatic condition characterized by the presence of the largest volcanic lake in Europe .
The aim is to preserve and enhance the characteristics of the two native vines of Gradoli, Aleatico and Grechetto Rosso, through the mass selection of the most suitable vines for the volcanic nature of the land, scrupulous methods with which the grapes, at the right degree of ripeness, are harvested and transported, and a special care in the stages of withering, vinification and conservation, where the taste of tradition and the effervescence of innovation blend perfectly. Thus are born wines that are real ambassadors of their territory!
Try the Alea Viva 2015, 100% Aleatico and the company´s flagship product; it will amaze you with an explosion of perfumes and a fresh and juicy palate.
Or, delight in the Fremito 2016, 100% Grechetto white wine; from the wonderful amber color and taste with evident minerality that makes us immediately feel the volcano and all the surrounding territory.

From today available on line the news of this fantastic winemaker!
Here you are the legendary Friccicarello, sparkling rosé wine refermented in the bottle made with only Aleatico grapes; perfect to cool off during the hottest days.
Rosso Arcaico, blend of Aleatico and Grechetto red vinified and aged in amphora; a wine to be kept in the cellar!
Let yourself be seduced by one of Italy´s best rosè ... Alea Viva, pure Aleatico; a dynamic and vivid wine, with a succession of freshness and subtlety.

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