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CANTINA ORTACCIO - Tuscia lovers!!!

02-03-2019 08:28 - Review
In Latera, a village a few kilometers from Gradoli, here is Cantina Ortaccio, founded in 2015 by Massimo Antonuzi and Patrizia Montanari, who have chosen to change their life and start the new one in this semi-remote area, to make wine. The vineyards are planted both in Gradoli and in Latera, some of these are on a frank foot and more than seventy years old! In addition, thanks to the volcanic territory and between 400 and 550 m, they allow to have grapes full of minerals and that exactly reflect the terroir. In fact the vines are those typical of the area, namely Trebbiano, Procanico, Malvasia, Sangiovese, Greghetto and Ciliegiolo. Some of these divided into small particles scattered throughout the territory that the local elders have no longer worked and therefore now recovered by Massimo and Patrizia. In the Cellar the grapes are de-stemmed by hand and crushed with the feet in the vats and fermented in fiberglass containers with only indigenous yeasts and without the addition of sulfur dioxide. The maturation is done in regenerated oak barriques, for a minimum of 12 months in the traditional cellar dug directly into the tufa, which guarantees humidity and a constant temperature of 12 °. After maturing, the wine is finished to refine for about 3 months in the bottle. And so, another small enological gem of our beautiful Italy!!!
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