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Denis Montanar wines

06-10-2019 10:16 - Review
Denis Montanar

The fantastic family microcosm which has now reached the fourth generation, also devoted to the life of the camps by adopting an eco-sustainable approach and with great respect for the environment and the territory.
It starts in 1989, but the real breakthrough comes in 1995 when the Denis Montanar reality and the Borc Dodon project are officially born, which in a short time conquers all for the authenticity and spontaneity of its wines, carving out a place among the greatest artisans of the Friulian wine scene!
The mainly cultivated vines are autochthonous, such as Friulano, Refosco and Verduzzo, but also Sauvignon, Cabernet and Merlot with plants of over 40 years. As we like it, in the vineyard any treatment with chemical compounds or synthetic substances is banned. Even in the cellar the modus operandi is the same, the vinifications take place spontaneously by indigenous yeasts with more or less prolonged maceration.
Thus are born wines characterized by a highly territorial profile, of great spontaneity and character. These are artisan expressions, with a wild and rich timbre that breathe the territory from which they are born!

Merlot '15 - juicy wild!!! 17,50€
Refosco Scodavacca '13 - calm impetuous explosion exceptional body and well-balanced tannin red emblem of the territory; 39,50€
Bianco Sandrigo '18 - of an incredible energetic vitality, fresh and mineral; 17,90€;
Rosé Refosco '10 - irreverent and wild, in a unique version thanks to the slight residue and volatile that well balance all the components 30,90€;
Uis Blancis '16 - complex and full, with a lashing freshness and slight tannic note orange wine in continuous evolution in the glass; 27,90€;
Beer Dente di Cavallo - AGRICULTURAL Italian Grape Ale; 13,50€

Wine Symphony natural wineshop of wines by small winemakers with a big heart!!!

Realizzazione siti web www.sitoper.it
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